This site dedicated to the many people living in trauma; veterans, women who have been sexually molested, children who have been abused, adults who had a crazy childhood. Today most of the world is living in trauma, of some form or another, and my goal is to offer ways to restore your hope that you can live without the nightmares and the triggers that rule your life.

If you are searching for the answer to healing from a lifetime of trauma,  you will find my approach is not revolutionary.  The obvious has been staring at us the entire time. The answer lies in our bodies, and here you will find ways to release those pent-up emotions and pains, relieve your body of illness, and your mind of madness.This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is family-1.jpg

After examining the issue for the last twenty years by way of a college education and learning from experts in the field, the information presented here is backed up with the latest research.  It is sufficient to say I also live with trauma, and spent decades trying to understand what made me feel the way I do.  I experienced enough trauma to be an expert at it. 

While trying to understand and alleviate my symptoms, I came upon the idea that we can process our trauma through our bodies. After spending many years studying the heck out of what makes us hurt, there is no time like the present to share this information with you.

The benefits of healing from your trauma are many.  There are no guarantees that my suggestions will give you complete healing, but I believe once you understand the mechanics of your trauma, change what you can and accept the rest, you will experience a calmer brain and an easier time controlling your memories. When you process your trauma, you connect with people instead of pushing them away, and for once in your life, have a healthy relationship.

Living in trauma takes a significant toll on your body.  Both mind and body must be nurtured and replenished, and I have included a product review page that offers products that will assist in your healing.

If you are at wit’s end with dealing with your trauma, if you are sick and tired of being sick, you have come to the right place.

Good luck, dear readers, may you find peace.

Zen Rocks