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The Secret of Healing

roseLove your heart, your lungs, your intestines, your stomach, your liver, your bladder and kidneys.

The age-old healing art of Tao is brought to us by Mantak Chia in the video below.

Loving your organs does more than send healing energy to your body, it does amazing things to your state of mind.  Try this meditation after you’ve indulged in feeling sorry for yourself.  Then switch tactics, think about loving yourself, and when you are done, you will notice a change in attitude. (more…)

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Negative People Bring you Down

What would happen if you got rid of all the negative people in your life? The complainers, whiners, and manipulators. The abusers.

If you stopped associating with all those people who bring you grief, who would be left?  What percentage of your life consists of negativity?

We know, intellectually, that negative people bring us down, but even so, we live, work, sleep and eat with them.  We do our best to ignore them, to appease them, to understand them, but by the end of the day, we are tired of their drama.


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Three Best Meditation Practices

stacked meditation rocks

Do you feel overwhelmed by too much information about the best meditation practices?

The hype on proper meditation makes things confusing.

Do you tell yourself you “should” meditate but cannot find the motivation?

Do you want to meditate because you desire to reap the benefits of a calm mind, but you find it difficult to fit into your life? (more…)

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Stopping Self-Sabotage


Do you sometimes feel like you are your own worst enemy?  Do people get in the way of your plans?  Do you give in to the pressure of others?  Victim behaviors are learned responses to the people around us.  Stopping self-sabotage is a matter of identifying the signals we give that shout “victim.” (more…)

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Stuck in a Thought Rut


The next time you are stuck in a thought rut with deep, dark thoughts, try this mindfulness exercise to chase the darkness away

Stop and look around. Going into nature is the best, looking out a window is second best, but even your office cubical has interesting things to focus on. (more…)